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I AM AN ARTIST AND CREATOR I EXPRESS MYSELF THROUGH SONG, WORDS, PHOTO, AND ENTERTAINMENT.  FOCUSING ON MY ULTIMATE POTENTIAL. " I go where I am destined to by the power within, and the sense of direction that is greater than us, as well as our obstacles..."


Giordano Taylor was born on December 27th in Pittsburgh, PA. Showing an interest in entertainment AND ART at a very young age, his mother began taking him to open calls as a child. DURING HIS ADOLESCENCE HE WAS eventually CHOSEN TO JOIN the John Casablancas MODELING group. LEADING TO PRINT, AND COMMERCIAL MODELING OPPORTUNITIES IN A PROFESSIONAL MANNER for many incredible brands such as Gap, and Colgate.


Being raised in an Italian-American family the voices of Pavarotti, Frank, and Bocelli echoed the hallways of his home every Sunday. INSPIRED BY THE GREATS, HE joined his school and parish choir. Which led to performing as leading roles in many on-stage productions; Thoroughly Modern Millie, Aladdin, 42nd St. STATE FAIR. ETC. JUST TO NAME A FEW.


During his quest for growth, Giordano was extensively trained for on-stage entertainment. Trained in Acting, Voice, Opera, Tap, Hip-hop, and Improv.


These early successes led to his decision to move to New York fresh out of high school to pursue his dreams while attending school at Pace University in Downtown Manhattan. While training out of midtown's Snapple theater under Broadway Star Catherine Russell, and actor Rob Sedgwick (brother of Hollywood Star, Kyra Sedwick.)


recently acting alongside Dean Cain in the 2019 Sci-Fi Thriller "2050" in theatres valentine's day 2019


also working with SNL phenomenon Molly Shannon, Missy Pyle, and Paul Reiser in the recently released dramedy on Netflix now, Miles. 


Also becoming a face for many brands based out of New York such as Chulo underwear, and Gloire boutique. Promotional and brand representation with such elite brands such as Gap, Colgate, Abercrombie, and Dolce & Gabbana.


His main passion being music, and can be found frequently performing in many jazz clubs in and around Manhattan. Giordano Taylor is certainly a force to be reckoned with, and a star on the rise.


Giordano Taylor is on his spiritual quest, working towards enlightenment. Sharing his experience, understandings, and journey with the world along with his ventures.


Check his blog chronicling his journey on Blogger

"THIRD EYE THIRST" ((Click the blog link in the menu))


also working on merging his blog, into a video blog/ interview web series for YouTube premiering this spring.


Giordano has just released his first mixtape/ album

"In the Blues: journey into sound" 04/20/2017 on Soundcloud.


 is Giordano Taylor's first self-produced album/ mixtape bringing about a fresh take, and fresh sound to music. A true expression of creativity, and soul. From the first track to the last you truly go on a journey into sound, getting lost in the enchanting nature of jazz along the way. Best described as elevated sound.


currently is in talks with several record labels based in New York City,